Hello. My name is Rika, I live in Germany and this is my blog.

This is a place where I celebrate all the good, the fun, the cozy and the edgy things around me. We’ll see where it takes us! 

I first thought about starting my own blog when I had used Pinterest for a while and found that it can be quite a sad place. It’s the grown woman’s equivalent to the toy catalogue where we all used to circle the things we wanted and dreamed about. At times, Pinterest is so full of all these ifs and whens and wants – “if only I could knit”, “for when we finally have the money”, “so want this for the summer” – that you wonder whether anyone’s living in the present enjoying what they have and actually making all these things they assured themselves they absolutely wanted. (And then, of course, we know that a good deal of attempts at recreating pins end up as pinstrosities…)

I try to cite sources as accurately as possible, please alert me wherever a link is missing or incorrect. Of course, I cannot take responsibility for the contents of the sites I link to.

You can also find all of the inspiration I cite here (and much more) on my Pinterest profile. I am rika123 if you want to follow me…

I am PurlRika on Ravelry, but rarely post anything there.


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